Wind Up Tin Toy Robot One

12"x12" oil on canvas Still on the fence about what to name these robot paintings. For now, I have defaulted to naming them either by the order in which they were painted or how they look best lined up. In any account, this chartreuse headed, one eyed fellow has been designated "One." You may remember me writing that these tin toy robots were in essence painted by royal decree and that there was to be a series of three. Well, The Spousal Unit's edict still stands and it has (possibly) been extended to a series of five. Right now, I have three done (see below). I say possibly because while many artists base their decisions on what to paint based on aesthetics or lofty inspiration or innate artistic drive or all of the above, I base at least some of my artistic decisions on the amount of brownies I am fed. Yes, in such situations as these I respond to culinary bribery. It may sound base and uninspired (and fattening), but what the heck, it works for me!
Posted February 9, 2017

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