Enos Farm House - The Front

24"x16" oil on deep dish canvas I am happy that I finally got around to painting a larger version of the front of this iconic farm house. I am not so happy that they have moved the house. It is now harder for the public to see it. It has not been permanently transplanted, still sitting on supports like a levitating ghost whilst the powers that be make up their ever-elastic minds as to where to put it. There has been a lot going on around here. Here's the short version: I have made a foray in to the world of Instagram (see link below) and I have two shows this month—one right after another. The first is the Beverly Hills Art Show, which takes place the weekend of October 15th & 16th. The second is at the LA Artcore Brewery Annex, running from October 21st to November 10th with an opening reception on Sunday, October 23rd. As if my mental stability wasn't already in question, the shows are basically back to back, which means I will be breaking down one and setting up the other just a couple of days later. On top of that, I have worked hard to make the two shows unique from each other. So, if you can visit both shows, you will see two different bodies of my work. If it sounds a bit insane, that's because it is. I have listed the show details below.


The Beverly Hills Art Show
I will be showing my wares in space #139, that's in the first park between Rodeo and Beverly Boulevards. Saturday & Sunday, October 15th & 16th / 10am to 5pm both days. There's a heckuvah lot of art and good food (the food trucks are supposed to be great), so come and check it out.

LA Artcore - Brewery Annex
This is a two person show. Dina Herrmann and I will be showing together in a great space located in the Brewery Art Colony. The first weekend of the show takes place during the Brewery's legendary Art Walk, so it will be a blast. Show: October 21st to November 10th. Opening reception Sunday, October 23 from 1-3 pm. Go check it out.
Posted October 6, 2016

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