1929 Ford Model A

6"x4" oil on masonite panel Like so many guys, I love cars. Don't know squat about them—just know I love them. When I say cars, I guess I mean classic cars. The ones from a different era. No seat belts (you wanted to be thrown clear), weird pneumatic windshield wipers (actually made visibility worse, you were better off sticking your head out the window during a rain storm), horrible smog emissions (to kill the rats and termites in your garage, all you had to do was start your car and close the garage door for maybe 5 minutes), a top speed of around 45 to 55 miles per hour (that's downhill with the wind at your back), the designers and engineers made the cars look cool and distinct (actually, that was pretty great—today, cars pretty much all look the same). The list of wonderfulness goes on and on. You know the cars I mean. The good cars.

Posted February 4, 2016

sold • private collection calabasas, ca

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