Candid Cinex Camera

8"x12" oil on canvas panel It has been a couple of weeks since you have seen me and this is a bit late, but here goes... Happy New Year! This year starts off with me being a bit behind. This is not unusual. Actually, it seems to be my constant state of being. Behind in prepping my canvases and panels, behind in photographing my work, behind in my yelling at The Spawn (and having them ignore me), behind in my cookie consumption, behind in my painting, not even near my goal of world domination, (the list goes on and on, so let's end with some Latin with a Yul Brynner accent) et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. You might say that I am the King of the Behind. Wait, that didn't sound quite right. Just forget I typed that one. Really, please forget it. Anyhow... I think the sense of being behind is not unusual for artists. Even if we somehow mysteriously "catch up," we are not content—there is still more to do, more to create. So, when we finish something, we are already gearing up for the next fight. I may be easily distracted by shiny objects and the occasional chicken, but my mind usually gets right back to my art (or fresh baked goods). Was it Picasso who said, "If you are not behind, you have caught up. And if you have caught up, you are done. I am not done!" Actually, it might have been the guy who sold me a cup of coffee yesterday who said it. Let's just go ahead and scratch that one too.

Posted January 6, 2016

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