Carol's Kind-of-Red Hi-Top

4"x6" oil on masonite panel A friend of mine sent me a pair of these to paint. While it would be a simple out for me to blame my friend, in fact, I asked for the punishment. She had already painted them (did a great job, by the way) and I thought I would take a crack at them. As the title implies, the color is a little on the in-between. I would call it a... tired red—not quite pink—hue. But, as my friend said to me, "Hey, we're artists, paint them any color you want." I did this little painting to engage the shoes with the possibility of painting a larger piece. Still on the fence about it. On a much more important note: The Spousal Unit's spellchecker on one of the ten billion electronic devices that cohabit with us, changed "Backpack" into the more socially acceptable "Bad Koala." How cool is that? It's the little things like that that lube my day. By the way, spellcheckers have been officially categorized by the United Nations secretarial pool, the Pope, and the Central African nation of Equatorial Guinea as evil—and I agree with them.

Posted December 3, 2015

sold • private collection carpinteria, ca

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