The Aqua Apts

6"x4" oil on masonite panel I have often been asked if I painted smaller versions/studies of the six mid-century apartment buildings I painted a little while ago. The answer is no. I did however paint three studies of other apartment buildings I may or may not paint larger later on. (You may see all three together below.) Feel free to chime in on whether or not they qualify as possible larger pieces. I am on the fence right now (my usual location). Seeing as how Friday is our National Day of Non-Creativity, I thought I would put the three paintings up of auction one right after the other, 1-2-3, starting with the one I refer to as the "The Aqua Apts."

Posted July 10, 2015
sold • private collection front royal, va


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  1. your brushwork is ingenious, your writing provides a guaranteed giggle, your color brings joy to my day


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