The Capri Apts

24"x16" oil on canvas The Capri is the last of this series. It is appropriate being the last. The building of my ancient memory that sparked this project was called the Capri. The search for my Capri revealed the building was long gone. Its demise seemed to trigger something in me—something akin to an artistic challenge. To accomplish this project, I researched and photographed close to 50 buildings—in one city alone—and probably as many more in various cities across Southern California. Quite frankly, I lost count. I also lost count of how many plain-o'-nasty leers I received and how many truly nice people I encountered with their plethora of questions. My two answers to the most common question, "What do you do?" received the typical reactions. If I answered "I'm an artist," I received a poorly veiled look of pity, the one I have received hundreds of times (the pity being mostly for my "poor" wife). Or if I responded with the other answer, "I'm a painter," I was asked to supply a quote for painting their kitchen (cabinets and all).

Posted June 4, 2015

sold • private collection beverly hills, ca

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  1. That is very funny commentary on the plight of the artist! Love this series.


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