GE Clock Radio Pink

8"x12" oil on canvas panel This painting is one in a series of six, three of which I have shown you before. In case you forgot, I have included the entire series below. I told the story of how this series came about a few times this last weekend at the Beverly Hills Art Show. When I say a few times, I mean in the neighborhood of 3,000 times. Being the gas bag that I am, here is it once more. Another "What the... I thought I posted this!" painting. Hopefully, you can forgive the mistake because I did post the smaller version of it and probably took it for granted that I showed you the larger one. When I type larger, I mean just a bit larger at 8"x12" in size. I initially did three of these (white, green, and pink) hoping they would sell as a series. Then, somebody sabotaged me by purchasing the white Emerson, so I went ahead and painted the red GE to keep the trio (pink, green, and red) going and somebody bought all three together. I admit that it is gratifying that the trio will stay together to be enjoyed by somebody as a set. (See all four below.) 

Posted May 27, 2015

sold • private collection irvine, ca

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