Montgomery Ward Trim/Circular Saw

4"x6" oil on raymar panel Okay, go ahead and get all the "Monkey Wards" jokes out of your system—go ahead. Are you done? Great, let's move on. This is another "Raymond seeing this and saying to himself, 'Self, I gotta have that saw.'" The design of this saw is just fantastic. Being a trim saw, it is little—kind of a diminutive circular saw—using wickedly thin 4-inch blades. If it wasn't so Buck Rodgers cool (or Duck Dodgers for all you Daffy Duck fans out there), the little thing would scare me. It is definitely a tool designed for a limited, specific purpose and outside of that it would be a dangerous little devil. I don't know why I included that little detail shot of my signature other than my friend Sean encouraged me to shoot detail shots of my work because the depth of my paintings is lost in my regular overall pictures AND that The Spousal Unit's camera was handy to steal and it shoots up-close shots better than my camera and she wasn't around to see me steal it. Yes, I am an opportunistic camera pilferer.

Posted October 7, 2014

sold • private collection santa monica, ca

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