Emerson Clock Radio

8"x12" oil on canvas panel At about 9-inches wide, this is what would have been considered a small clock radio in its time. It is kind of small and weighs just about as much as a Sherman tank. No kidding (well, a little kidding). It seems that the manufacturer equated weight with perceived value. So, when confronted with a smallish radio they felt compelled to put a 200-pound lead weight in the bottom to lend heft and a sense of "You're still getting a lot for your money, mister." Reminds me of when devious little Cub Scouts carve out the bottom of their pinewood derby cars and fill them with nuts and bolts to make them roll faster in the race. They somehow think that nobody is going to notice the little 7-inch car that once weighed 12-ounces now weighs more than the kid. Not that I ever did such a thing—I was a saint of a Cub Scout. (I used my Dad's tube of graphite powder to cheat.) How the heck did I go from an old heavy clock radio to cheating at pinewood derbies? It must be all the paint fumes in here.

The Beverly Hills Art Show
I will be showing my wares in space #139, that's in the first park between Rodeo and Beverly Boulevards. Saturday & Sunday, October 18th & 19th (that's this coming weekend) / 10am to 5pm both days. If you, like everybody else, are coming just to see The Spousal Unit, She will be holding court starting Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday. Yes, I will be alone Saturday morning—unsupervised and probably getting into all sorts of trouble with the park rangers. They only tolerate me (i.e., don't tazer me) because they like Her. If you are going to be on this side of the world, come and see me—the weather looks like it is going to be fine.

Posted October 13, 2014

sold • private collection beverly hills, ca

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