Cincinnati Drill

4"x6" oil on door skin panel The actual title for this is "Vintage Electric Cincinnati Drill I Scored at a Local Yard Sale on a Tip From My Buddy Scott." I went after three drills at the yard sale, but couldn't swing the bargain I was looking for. So, I snagged this beauty alone, took her home and rewired her—she had thin white zip line from an ancient lamp for a power cord. There is a movie script somewhere in there and I doubt it would get a G rating. Anyway, I have a small slue* of these tool paintings coming at you. When you see me groping around in the dark like this, I am sniffing out possibilities for larger paintings by testing composition, colors, formats, etc. These minis tell me a lot. (Please don't tell The Spousal Unit I am groping about, there might be a slight misunderstanding and I might slightly miss a few digits before I can explain.)
Posted September 23, 2014

sold • private collection plymouth, mi

*Sorry. Should have given you an oxymoron warning there.
While your down here, may I suggest—for your listening pleasure—that you pick up some Bill Evans Trio?

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