J's Other Ropers (The Larger) - Easel Shot

Above: 16" x 20" oil on canvas
Below: 4" x 6" oil on raymar panel
Purchase for $99 - shoot me an email
I am sorry about the quality of the above photo and I hope you don't mind the occasional easel shot. It's just that I finished this only yesterday and it was a particularly challenging piece. So, yes, I wanted to share my pain. As is often the case with me, the larger painting is a take-off of a smaller one (see below). The Spousal Unit had to suffer twice the theft of her most beloved boots. They are so, so comfortable with their uppers being as soft and silky as basset hound ears. I had a basset hound once, and let me tell you, that's saying something. Messing with any of my wife's boots is a life threatening exercise, so I can honestly say that I risk my life (and cookies) for my art.
Posted August 13, 2014

sold • private collection beverly hills, ca

sold • private collection newbury park, ca

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  1. There is so much to look and love about this painting. and the easel shot does absolutely nothing to dull it's allure! Outstanding work!


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