Chicco Castle Pounder Toy Thingy

4"x6" oil on door skin panel This was a gift from some good friends of ours to Spawn Number One upon his fiery entry into this totally unprepared world. It is a great toy. Both of The Spawn have pounded on it over the years. Heck, I've pounded on it over the years. It is a good (and acceptable) stress reliever. It is also supposed to be a great developmental tool for young sprouts. To which I say (having only mentally matured to about the level of a two year old myself): "Who cares a flyin' flip about that? Find me something to pound on, and now! Oh yeah, get me a cookie while your at it—and no coconut. Oops. Sorry. Pleeease." In other Raymond news... I have been judged into the Beverly Hills Art Show. Yeah. It is an October happening. Further details to follow via carrier pigeon.
Posted August 27, 2014

sold • private collection longmont, co

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