Halloween Cat Cookie Jar

6"x4" oil on door skin panel I have a friend who loans me stuff to paint. His name is Scott, you may remember his wonderful Revere 85 8mm projector that I painted in my dubious fashion. Scott has an... hmm, how to say it?... eclectic taste and procures items via sometimes odd processes. When asked about the origins of the above cat cookie jar, the story forwarded was that his neighbor threw it at him from over the fence after said neighbor ran out of dirt clods to throw. To me—considering that description sums up my own life at the age of 10—the tale seemed completely plausible. The only thing I found surprising is that the neighbor planned so poorly as to run out of dirt clods during an attack. In the backyard wars of my misspent youth, we never went into battle without having a sufficient arsenal of dirt clods and no, one could not resort to using rocks—that's just not cricket, kosher, or whatever term you like to use for proper. Painting this jar, with its shiny black surface, was a similar experience to painting chrome. Light and reflections were dancing all over the evil thing. An insane proposition which I, of course, find great joy in undertaking. In such cases, the approach of just slowing down, seeing what's there and going for it, usually carries the day.
Posted July 2, 2014

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