Enos Farm House-The Front

6"x4" oil on raymar panel Like most artists, I have a "To Paint" list that is longer than my arm. Actually, I not a very… hmmm… tall guy, so let's go with a list a mile long, shall we?. This stalwart denizen standing on a low and lonely hill surrounded by fields has been on my list for years—taunting me to paint it. I have always envisioned it as a larger piece, but like so many of my larger pieces, I took a shot at it in a smaller scale first. Once I finally got around to painting the bullying brute, I couldn't make up my mind whether to paint it from the side or from the front. Being somewhat indecisive and suffering from an obvious lack of cookies, I painted them both. So, later this week, you will see the side of this house as well. You'll just have to suffer with it. Who knows, I might paint them both larger. I can't make up my mind. Where the heck are those cookies? 
Posted March 11, 2014

sold • private collection fountain hills, az

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  1. My first reaction when this hit my 'inbox' was "love it!". Can't wait to see the side view...


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