Lollipop Grape

6"x4" oil on raymar panel I'm back from Spring Breaking—no email, no FaceBook, no phone (I mysteriously lost my cell phone and tried losing The Spawn, but they kept popping up). To not quote an illustrious Zen master, but rather the immortal Madelaine Kahn (Lili von Shtupp) in Blazing Saddles, "I feel wefweshed."    I will admit to taking Dashiell Hammett along and being forced by the women in my life to watch Dancing with the Stars. About a half hour into the show, I thought my head was going to explode and, when informed the show was two hours long, started to have suicidal thoughts. I left the room.    Before I am assailed with hate mail from all the Dancing with the Stars devotees out there, I must be permitted to offer up my defense: I do not watch broadcast television—no satellite, no cable, no AT&T Uber-Verse. It is not that I have any deep idealogical problem with it or that I belong to a religious sect that views it as evil, I don't. I just choose not to watch it. Plain and simple. Now, imagine a poor guy who doesn't watch television coming in contact with an overly produced show like Dancing with the Stars. It just freaked me out, I was like a deer caught in headlights, except I was screaming.    Moving on…  Please allow me to present to you a painting of a lollipop we got at Lil' Bits Cafe in Grover Beach. They give these little beauties out with the check. When I saw this, I proceeded to steal all the other colors I could get my hands on, whether a child was attached to them or not. Nothing like sitting in the middle of a restaurant holding up high a lollipop, staring in amazement at its beauty to make a restaurant full of people think you are absolutely insane. Oh well, anything to that makes The Spawn cringe is worth it.
Posted March 26, 2014

sold • private collection tarzana, ca


  1. I just am enthralled with all of your work. I never wanted to take lessons before but that was before I saw your work. I'm a retired Art teacher. I've been missing your work on DPW. Soooo glad to see that you are back. Your work is amazing!!!!!!

  2. I feel your pain when it comes to television. I don't watch any TV either and it is amazing how much time a person can find to do other things when they give that up. Kudos to you and keep up the fight.

    1. Thanks, Dave.
      Good to hear from you.


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