Kodak Brownie 127 Camera

4"x6" oil on raymar panel I love this model. So much so, that when I went after it on eBay, I participated in two auctions at once to guarantee I would get one. Well... I won both auctions and, to this day, have kept the second camera hidden from the electric gaze of The Spousal Unit. No need to tell her about doubling up, she has enough to worry about.    One of the things that draws me to these bakelite beauties, besides the fact they are wonderful examples of the great industrial design of a bygone era, is that they are usually black or dark reddish brown. Black is a great color to paint. There is so much life in it and it affords me the opportunity to show how black can be made up of so many colors (at least in my world it is—you know—the world with three Suns and free cookies for all).
Posted January 23, 2014

sold • private collection lenexa, ks

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