Supertone Transistor Radio

6"x4" oil on raymar panel The first thought that pops into my little mind whenever I see a transistor radio is of those guys (yes, mostly guys) who used to listen to sports on these with those little white mono earphones. They would be walking along, all normal like (and yes, sometimes their pants were hemmed a bit too short), until their team would score and they would punch the air and shout like they were insane. Actually, I guess people still do it, just with much nicer earphones and much more expensive pants.
Posted October 8, 2013

sold • private collection marin, ca

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  1. I got one of these transistors for my birthday (I think it was my 12th). I lived in Southern California at the time, and remember listening to KFWB. That was about 53 years ago...I still remember the jingle..."KFWB - Channel 98- Color Radio. So close to being a teenager. It was so, so cool!


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