Lock and Chain

4"x6" oil on raymar panel I found this lock with its rusty chain buried deep in a dirt road I was walking down whilst taking pictures of an abandoned farm house in the middle of far reaching fields of lush green spinach. My shoe caught the exposed part of one of the links, I pulled, and there it was.    There is the distinct possibility that I might have been trespassing. Okay, I admit it, I was. You know how I know I was trespassing? Because that is what The Spousal Unit was yelling at me—at some distance—from the van: "You do know you are trespassing, don't you?" She informed me of this along with the surprising development that The Spawn were hungry (when are they not hungry?), so we needed to get going. Anyway, the trespassing was unavoidable; I had to get my shots. The lock and not falling into a drainage ditch were just gravy. Yes, I am a trespasser and a thief and, on occasion, easily distracted (Oh, look a chicken!) to the point that I have fallen into a ditch.    The chain annoyed me a little at first, but I decided to keep it and see what it would look like in oil paint. So... I present to you the (somewhat illegal) painting above.
Posted October 1, 2013

sold • private collection marin, ca

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