Gumby Rides Pokey

6"x4" oil on raymar panel. I am back from my vacation and the time away met at least one of my basic criteria for a good vacation: I did not throw either Spawn off a pier into the Pacific Ocean—and I had several wonderful piers at my disposal. I know, I know… It is a pretty low criterion, but I am a pretty low kind of guy. My answer to the ubiquitous question,"Did you rest up?" would be "It was a family vacation." To the uninitiated, that translates into an emphatic "No."    Just think of Gumby and Pokey here as my way of saying hello to you after a two week absence from your email box. The drawing of this piece is much more complicated than it probably appears. I could have fudged Pokey's hidden fourth leg out into the open, but this is the way it appeared whilst I was painting it and they both seem happy enough, so I left it.
Posted July 30, 2013
sold • private collection kentwood, mi

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