Pepsi and Coke

6"x4" oil on raymar panel. I am not much of a cola drinker, so I do not have a horse in the "Cola Wars" race, but that poor Pepsi bottle seemed somewhat vertically challenged, so I went ahead and boosted it with one of the ubiquitous blocks that inhabit my studio. I have made roughly 10,362 wood objects for The Spawn to poke at, stab at, shoot at, throw at, cast a spell at, and otherwise attempt to maim each other with. Yes, I am The Evil Dad. Yet another uncomfortable designation that I seem to be strangely at peace with.    How I got from painting cola bottles to being and evil parent in such a short commentary is beyond me.
Posted June 24, 2013

sold • private collection marin, ca

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  1. Really enjoy the color and movement in your paintings. Found your blog via DPW, very happy I did. Have a great day!


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