My New Shades

6"x4" oil on raymar panel. I often hear voices asking, "Raymond, how do you cut such a dashing figure?" Never mind the fact that those voices exist solely in my head and that all I get around here is, "Gee Dad, I think you have even more gray hair today than yesterday. By the way, I think you are starting to slump." a.k.a. "O Dearest Father, your frail appearance implies that your eminent demise is nigh." a.k.a. "Hey, Old Man. You look like you are going to drop dead soon. When you kick it, can I have your collection of jazz and classical CDs?" (At least the kid has taste.)    Where was I? Oh yeah, my delusions of cutting a dashing figure. Totally forgot where I was going with that train of thought (except maybe therapy), but here is a cool pair of sunglasses given to me at Christmas. They're polarized, which just means I can see the guy behind me in traffic flipping me the bird all the more clearly.
Posted May 28, 2013
sold • private collection los angeles, ca

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