Little Monkey

6"x4" oil on raymar panel. When I first encountered this misshapen little simian, he/she/it was all alone looking up at me with that impish Gilda Radner look on its face. I was excited by the prospect of torturing it in oil paint when the seemingly omnipresent Spousal Unit appeared (spookily out of thin air) and informed me that the bobblehead is actually part of a larger toy; some sort of banana shake stand thing with a blender making daiquiris(?). She proceeded to produce said toy and I did not like it. I did not like it in a box. I did not like it with a fox. I did not like it here or there. I did not like it anywhere. I did not like the banana shake stand toy thingy. I did not like it, Sam-I-am. (Whew! Just more evidence of my stunted literary level and inability to make a rhyme.) So, I did what any serious artist would do: I threw a tantrum and refused to eat my mushy peas (I would have held my breath, but I go blue really fast) until I was allowed to paint the monkey all by itself. In other words, I waited until she left on errands, trashed the rest of the toy and painted this.
Posted March 7, 2013
sold • private collection newport beach, ca

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  1. Love reading your comments... They always make me smile... or laugh out loud.

    Thanks for dropping off my painting yesterday. I was so totally in to what I was doing that I totally forgot you were coming. Sorry about that..

    I have a feeling my 13 year old may want this one. (When I brought home the one I bought, he looked at it and said... you should learn to paint like this... I like this.)
    Hmmmmmm Aren't kids the greatest???


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