Jägermeister with Cap

6"x4" oil on raymar panel. Yet another of the booze bottles recovered during one of my morning constitutionals, making me appear in a bad light to my neighbors. Actually, my 'light' couldn't get much worse with my neighbors. Appearing to drink an entire bottle of booze before 7 AM wouldn't do much damage to my already sullied reputation. But I ask you, who could resist picking up such a beautiful bottle, even if it made you appear to have an ongoing early morning drinking 'issue?' It is the inebriated litterers they should be tsk, tsking, not the artist so easily distracted by shiny things (and chickens, chickens are great).
Posted November 21, 2012

sold • private collection brookline, ma


  1. The question should be, "How often have your neighbors seen you returning home from your morning constitutional carrying a chicken?"

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Lovely painting and funny post. :)


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