HJ's Philco Radio

4"x6" oil on raymar panel. Only a handful of the old radios I paint were actually my father's. This was one of his. By the way, H and J are not my father's initials, they belong to the person who acquired the painting.    Collectors are funny. If he were still alive and I asked him if he had any old cameras, phones, or bottles, etc. laying about, my father would reply, "What the hell would I have any of those for?" Actually, I do not know if you would have called him a 'true' collector. He didn't gather much stuff and objects were not all that important to him—people were. He was happy as long as the electricity was flowing, his truck started on the first crank, and his wife was happy (and not spending money on QVC).    I think this radio is pretty cool. 
Posted November 15, 2012
sold • private collection myrtle beach, sc

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