Cat and Marble

10"x8" oil on canvas panel I guess this is a bit of an uncharacteristic painting for me: A nervous cat figurine staring at a ginormous marble. The cat came from Cost Plus, a store which now likes to be called World Market (must have low self esteem issues). Anyway, before we successfully produced offspring (why the Grand State of California allowed me to breed is beyond me) The Spousal Unit and I used to go strolling along the shop's aisles buying knickknacks—some useful, most not—while I got wired on free coffee from around the world. Nothing like getting fried on strong java that came from some country in Africa or Asia I had never heard of. The huge marble was given to me by the aforementioned goddess with strict instructions to use it as a prop. She either thought it would look good or she thought my eyesight was going. Either way, I thought it looked pretty cool, so here they are spackled up in oil paint.
Posted October 31, 2012

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  1. I enjoy your narratives as much as your paintings.


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