Two Cups and a Cranberry Juice Cocktail

8"x10" oil on canvas The glass with the cranberry juice in it is probably supposed to be the star of this piece, but I like the cups. Just as the glass has all sorts of light and color bouncing around on and through it, the cups have light and colors bouncing around on them as well. The challenge is to slow down and see them.    This is one of those "...let's experiment by shoving all sorts of stuff together" and "Yes, I had cranberry juice for breakfast that morning" kind of paintings.    Oh Yeah, sorry about the last post going out three times. If my camera is pure evil, my email software or server(s) or whatever god controls the email universe is pure eviler. (I love abusing the English language.)
Posted September 25, 2012


  1. The correct terminology is "purer eviler". Or, for emphasis, the use of the word "way" could be inserted, as in, "way purer eviler". For future reference.

    And if a post of a painting is great, three times makes it that much better.

    And I ~love~ your red highlights :)

    1. Thanks Leslie!

      I like your writing more than mine.

  2. I really like this one. Your work is starting to look something like finger-painting (I mean that in a good way) with a really interesting balance of spontaneity and looseness with precision.

  3. Oh yeah, I'm so glad I subscribed to your blog. I get a good old fashioned belly laugh everytime. AND I love your work too.


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