Old Gas Pumps (Red & White)

6"x4" (each) oil on raymar panel. These old pumps are located over in beautiful Monrovia, California. I did these two little paintings after I did an 8"x12" of the whole station. A pretty poor quality picture of the station painting is pasted in below. Sorry about the quality of the shot, but I just threw it on the easel and shot it on the "Auto" setting on my demonic camera. In person, these poor pumps are in pretty bad shape, but I threw my palette at them and these two pieces are what I came up with.    Shadows are great places for color experimentation. Or, as I like to do it, color experimentation run amok (isn't "amok" a great word?).    Though these are separate pieces and thus listed separately on eBay, I thought I would share both of them with you at the same time. It's just kinda neat seeing them side by side.
Posted August 8, 2012

sold • private collection duarte, ca


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  1. You need a t-shirt that says, "Runs Amok".
    I really like the color in the shadows, particularly of the Red Pump.
    Very cool subject matter.
    I'm still a fan :)


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