Gloria's '46 Sentinel Radio

4"x6" oil on raymar panel. This radio was generously given to me by my fellow artist Gloria Zucaro (—along with a cool train lamp, which was stolen from me by parties that shall remain unnamed (Spawn and Spouse). I love, love, love old radios, hence my addiction problem with that evil entity known as eBay. Gloria's grace has helped assuage the pang of addiction and I thank her for it.    So, here is Gloria's 1946 Sentinel radio in oil paint. Lighting is so important in my work, so I shifted the light around on this uniquely shaped subject to see what would come up.
Posted June 12, 2012
sold • private collection sykesville, md


  1. Hi Ray,
    Thank you for painting the radio. I recognize it, so you did a good job! LOL! You made it way more exciting looking than it actually does.

    1. Hello Gloria.
      It is a good thing you recognize it, but because I'm not sure I do. Just joking. Thanks again.

  2. I forgot to say "thank you" for mentioning me and my blog!


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