The Artist Goateed

10"x8" oil on canvas. This model is one of the nastiest pieces of work I have ever had the displeasure of encountering. What a whiner. "The studio is too hot... The studio is too cold... I think your painting makes me look fat... When's the next break?" Oh, shut up already! Constantly complaining about not being supplied with cookies and ever-ranting about his theory that the consistent and mass application of cookies and dark chocolate (no less than 72% cacao) would bring about world peace. What an idiot—what a pain in the hoohah.    Anyhow, The Spousal Unit says this actually looks like me, but the eyes could be a tad bit lighter (depending on how the light is hitting my face). The collector who commissioned this piece conspired with The Spousal Unit to make sure that one of the eight men was my self portrait, and any time you can get The Spousal Unit on your side, you will get your way.    This is the last of the commissioned male paintings. Aren't you happy?
Posted May 2, 2012
sold • private collection west hollywood, ca


  1. I like it Ray, you look defiant! I received your package on Wednesday, thank you, and The Spousal Unit for shipping it! I love both paintings.

  2. I'm wondering if we will see a portrait of the Spousal Unit? That might be fitting revenge for this unpleasant model :)

    1. Hello Marla,
      There is a portrait of The Spousal Unit in the works (in my brain). Now, I just need to get it out of there and onto a canvas.


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