Toy Roadster White (the Larger)

20"x30" oil on canvas. Did I show this to you? I can't remember. It does not seem to be on my blog. A blog that I have posted to 575 times. That translates into 575 paintings. That's a lot of paintings. Funny, it doesn't seem like I have painted all that much. At present, I mean right now—this minute, I am painting a small (10x8) piece with a bottle of Tabasco and salt and pepper shakers and for some reason I thought of this big painting of a toy car. You might remember that I painted two 4x6's, one of a red roadster and the other of this white one. They were tests to see which one I would paint larger, but in reality, I had previously made up my mind to paint the red one. Well, that changed once I battled with the white one with all of its grays and that cool black racing stripy thingy.
Posted March 27, 2012

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