Pasadena Ford

8"x12" oil on canvas panel Just recently, three of my paintings were judged into the Contemporary Masters III show at the Pasadena Museum of History (yippee!). What an honor—I will be hanging in an actual museum and I won't be dead. I always thought that if I was ever lucky enough to hang in a museum it would be posthumously with The Spousal Unit there gloating (I hope so, she deserves it) and revealing my longtime struggle with a nasty addiction to cookies. Anyway, I thought I would share the three pieces with you. They have a miniature category and I of course jumped at it with this piece. My friend and fellow artist Don Faxon suggested this site to me. Only another artist would suggest a plain white box isolated in a sea of boring asphalt. But that faded "Ford" sign and the plainness of the place drew me to it. A bland field of asphalt is not a curse but a blessing—it is a playground for an artist. It is an opportunity to show who you are. In may case, a nut case who loves color.
Posted February 29, 2012
sold • private collection sierra madre, ca

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  1. Congrats -that is great news and the piece is lively!


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