Chartreuse Shoe

6"x4" oil on raymar panel
. This painting represents the possible downside of hitching your wagon to an artist. Here is a hypothetical scenario (remember, I said hypothetical—I admit to nothing): You're rushing to get ready to go somewhere when you just can't seem to find your $%&@# left shoe. Where the heck is it?!?! Then it dawns on you that your spousal unit (no caps) is a kleptomaniac artist. In defense of the artist, I must say... COME ON! The inside of the shoe is chartreuse! How does anybody expect an artist to resist painting a chartreuse shoe. Clearly, the victim is to blame here for having such cool looking shoes.
Posted February 3, 2012


  1. LOL, Raymond. Cleraly not your fault! Love your painting. That shoelace is awesome!

  2. Been on my mind to paint a sneaker, and here you have done it. Very nice!


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