Fouled AC Delco Spark Plug

6"x4" oil on raymar panel
. Egad! An artist talks a bit about his mistress and his email box soon becomes flooded. (Thanks to all who commented about the truck painting.) If the revelation of "The Other Woman" bothered some, it will bother them even more when I say that I reached inside her, tinkered a bit, and removed six of these. I couldn't help it, she's a boozer and tends to enjoy a rich mixture, thus often fouling her plugs. She's a lush, but I love her. What's more pitiful is how the artist (that would be me) rolled around six dirty spark plugs trying to make up his mind as to which would be the best subject for this painting.
Posted January 26, 2012
sold • private collection tigard, or


  1. Super painting, Raymond. Great post too!

  2. Great idea for a painting Raymond. Love the way you handled the paint, nice touches of saturated red!


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