Beckoning Cat Bank

6"x4" oil on raymar panel
. Being mentally distracted—my usual state of being—I do not know what to type here. (By the way, with a lead-in sentence like that one, you should be running for the door.) The way I see it, my commentary options are these:

A) How challenging this figurine was to paint, with its creamy porcelain-like surface and all its little details and how, after staring at it for a while, those unblinking eyes started to creep me out; or

B) How hard it was to find a Japanese beckoning cat bank, while shopping down in Little Tokyo, that was actually made in Japan; or

C) How 15 boxes of Trader Joe's seasonal Dark Chocolate Stars cookies mysteriously appeared in our house (That's right—15 boxes!).

Which one should I pick? Let me see... Of course! Being the mentally distracted guy that I am, I pick option D) Press the Send button and sneak into the house and start eating as many of those cookies as I possibly can. That's the way to go: more action—less typing.

Posted November 30, 2011
sold • private collection los angeles, ca

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