Zenith Owl Face or Owl Eyes Clock Radio

4"x6" oil on raymar panel. Comments: I know that I have not been posting a lot lately. Well, I've been busy. Primarily I have been prepping for the Beverly Hills show (October 15th & 16th). The time for painting for the show passed at least a couple of months ago due to the fact that oil paint takes a while to dry before I can frame. Paintings are still being done, but recently I have been focusing on making frames and trying to maintain my digit count at what I consider to be the reasonable amount of ten. Amongst the confusion, I was able to paint this clock radio. The little details were wonderfully annoying, but I got it done. I think this style of radio was called either "Owl Faced" or "Owl Eyes." Lifted this one out of the Mother Unit's garage. She didn't really care about me pilfering it, but BOY!, she really wanted that dang coffee grinder back.

Beverly Hills Affaire in the Gardens Art Show
Raymond Logan (that would be me) will be in space #137 • Saturday & Sunday, October 15th & 16th • 10am to 5pm both days (they don't like me to leave my space, something about scaring the locals)

Posted October 6, 2011
sold • private collection west hollywood, ca

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