Baby Brownie Camera

12"x12" oil on canvas. I do not know if it shows up on your monitor, PDA, iPhone, iPad, whatever-the-heck-you-have, but there is a lot of color in the blacks of this painting. There is also a lot of dragging going on in this painting. "What the heck does he mean by dragging?" you may ask. Well, in my sideways world, when you gob some paint—unmixed—onto your brush, palette knife, ground down stick you found on the side of the road, and deliberately drag that goo down, sideways, or diagonally across a bunch of previously applied goo—just to see what it will do—I call that dragging. There are other names, but my paint addled mind uses dragging. Next week, the term will change after those little gray cells that use the term die off. Still working on a sentence that uses "imponderables" and I think I dug myself into a whole on that one. There are just too many unforeseen imponderables when you publicly commit to doing something like that. I am also too busy to come up with a good whine about the Beverly Hills Show, so I am letting you down on that score as well. Almost everything is framed and marked, but not packed up. Still have to figure out how to invite people via FaceBook (a.k.a. the Most Counterintuitive Website in the Galaxy), but I will get it done. It may be done in a lame manner, but it will be done.

Beverly Hills Affaire in the Gardens Art Show
Raymond Logan will be in space #137 • Saturday & Sunday, October 15th & 16th • 10am to 5pm both days
(If you want parking advice—email me)
(My friend Marie Fox will be in the show for the first time, so go check out her work at space #121)

Posted October 12, 2011

sold • private collection beverly hills, ca


  1. Loving how you used so much color to represent grays and blacks!


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