10"x8" oil on canvas panel
. A painting such as this teaches you things as an artist. What those things are, I have no idea, so I keep the paintings around hoping that I may learn from them in the future. Here is a little extra for you. Check out Anneke van der Werff's blog. It is entitled "odeblog, weblog van anneke van der werff" and it is one of the coolest little personal collections of art in the blogosphere, and I am not just saying that because she has been gracious enough to include me in the eclectic mix. Hey, any assemblage that includes me with the likes of Egon Schiele and Giorgio Morandi is a wonderful collection in my book. Go take a look:
Posted September 22, 2011

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  1. You have some amazing work here and some so small. Very nice, I'll be back.


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