David and Carol Marine

Size: 6" x 4" oil on raymar panel or door skin
sold • private collections in u.s.a.

Comments: My friends David and Carol Marine just lost their house and studio to the fires down in Texas. (Click on this LINK to read about it.) A fund has been formed to help tide them over during this trying time. I would like to donate about $200 to this fund. Ah, there is the rub for me: I need to earn the $200 to donate the $200. To get my grubby little hands on the money, I have placed four of my small daily paintings up for eBay auction. To insure the procurement of the funds, I have slashed the prices of the paintings to $50 each (plus shipping and our wonderful California Sales Tax). The four paintings are pictured above and their corresponding links to their auctions are listed below. All proceeds from the sales shall go to David and Carol. May sound like an odd way to help, but this is the way I roll. So, please peruse the paintings above and if one or all catch your fancy, please place a bid(s). Remember, my shipping department (Mrs. L) is always happy to group paintings together to save on shipping.
Thanks for your help and your continued support of my art.

Posted September ,6 2011


  1. How lovely of you to do this for them!

  2. What a wonderful idea! I know they would say thank you.... :-)

  3. thank you for your generosity.


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