10"x8" oil on canvas panel
. It is not often that a painting makes a grown man scream, but this one did. To clarify, it was the way it was painted that made the man scream. First off, it is probably best not to stand behind me and watch me paint. There might come a time in the process when I scoop up a glob (a glob being anywhere between a quarter to half an inch in mass) of this color and that color and that color there and, yeah, maybe a blotch of that color over there and—unceremoniously and without mixing—scoop up the whole mess and plop it on the painting. I have my own reasons for doing this—none of them sound. The glopping and plopping made the gentleman freak out for a second and the scream came forth almost sending me flying into my painting. I think he actually thought of jumping forward to save me from myself, but after it went down and got all mooshed up, he calmed down and just needed a chair to sit on for a while. It's nice to know that I cause visual pain not only with my paintings, but with my process of painting as well.
Posted September 28, 2011
sold • private collection west hollywood, ca

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  1. I love your work AND your posts are too funny. This one makes me want to see a video of you and your process that makes people scream.


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