Toy Roadsters / White & Red

sold • private collection los angeles, ca
sold • private collection mclean, va

4"x6" oil on raymar panel. Yep, it's a twofer; two toy roadsters. I found these at a local store and had to paint them. From the beginning, I had the idea in my paint addled mind to paint one of them larger, maybe a 20"x30." The red roadster seemed the obvious choice for a larger painting, but after I painted these small guys, I changed my mind and went with the black and white roadster for the larger piece—something about the grays attracted me. Painting two similar paintings, one right after the other is a great exercise—it really helps you see more. And I don't mean it helps me see the 'boogerman' better, my above mentioned paint addled mind already sees him quite clearly. What I mean is that it helps me see the colors/temperatures, how the light dances around, where I might want to lead with the light (composition), reflective light, what is living in those wonderful shadows, etc. If you receive my emails, you will see an attached photo of the larger painting sitting on my easel with the little one resting on top of it. If you don't subscribe, sorry, I guess I'm in one of those nasty disassociated artist moods (don't worry, I will eventually take a better pix and post it).
Posted August 2, 2011

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