Overburdened Muse on Oso Flaco

4"x6" oil on raymar panel. I did just two beach paintings this round, and this is the last one. The beach can be an odd place. On the Central Coast of California, some of the best times to go to the beach are in Winter, while in the Summer it can be dang cold. To answer your question: Yes, that is my ever lovely Muse carrying two backpacks and three pairs of shoes, looking in bewilderment at her spawn running in the cold surf and wondering were the insanity genes came from.
Posted July 14, 2011
sold • private collection calgary, canada


  1. Raymond, a delightful yet strong piece today, I like it a lot. Just read you are at the Sycamore...well, we are neighbors, cause I am at the Segil Gallery. Are you local? I will be popping over to the gallery to see Scott and and your works.

  2. Wonderful painting. Like the gesture you captured in it.

  3. Love your gutsy painting style, Raymond. This is fabulous. Sigh.

  4. This a definitely one of my favorites. Magnifico - stupid word, but, seriously, this painting needs a word that is out of the ordinary. Really special!



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