The Green Band

10"x8" oil on canvas. Professional models never cease to amaze me. They hold a pose, they inspire and, when they walk around the easel and see my painting, they don't throttle me. Tolerance of whacked out artists is obviously a prerequisite. I am chasing a lot of things in these portraits and a realistic and complimentary image are not high on the list. The challenge in this painting was to keep the evil titanium white out of the skin tones. White would just wash out the skin and that would be a crime against this wonderfully tolerant model (Thank you for not hitting me!). It is so tempting when bringing up the tones to just add white, but the only white in her skin is in the blues and purples you see dancing around, the bottom lip, and that little dash below her right eye. That dash just kinda happened and I left it there.

Posted June 15, 2011
sold • private collection west hollywood, ca

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