Motorola Aero Vane Radio

16"x20" oil on canvas. And the pain continues... Still more paintings I need to photograph before they get framed, so there will be a little gauntlet of these larger paintings this week for your perusal and visual enjoyment. Stop laughing. This painting represents yet another foray into the insanity of painting stripes in the background. It's fun in a sorta "bash your head in with bricks" kinda way and I can't wait to do it again.

Coming up this weekend: Beverly Hills Affaire in the Gardens Art Show Come see my paintings in person. It is a different experience seeing them up close and personal. I think they should rename the show, "Raymond in Beverly Hills," but for some reason I get resistance every time I bring up the idea. Oh well, come visit anyway. Raymond Logan in space #137 This Saturday & Sunday, May 21st & 22nd 10am to 6pm both days

Posted May 16, 2011


  1. Love this old radio! It reminds me of a story of a friend who's dad was very excited that the old radio actually still worked when he plugged it in. His daughter however was very disapointed because it wasn't playing the "old" music she was somehow expecting to hear!
    true story.

    Good luck with your show Raymond!

  2. Your paintings are wonderful, Raymond! Good luck with the Beverly Hills show!


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