Dexter No. 3 (larger)

12"x12" oil on canvas. My camera is finally cooperating. Isn't this a beautiful picture of a blender. Anyway... I wasn't even going to show this to you, but I had to take the picture to document the piece, so I thought that I would torture you with it as well. An artist should do their best to document their work. Why? I don't know why, I just do it. Not until after a painting I did of a piece of candy sold, did I realize that I had not taken a photo of it. This kinda bummed me out, so I try to take pictures of my work. That's the excuse today and I'm sticking to it. You may recognize this piece. That's because I painted this pencil sharpener as a smaller 6" x 6" piece. I just wanted to take a shot at a slightly larger canvas to see what would happen and this is the result. It is to be framed and inflicted on the fair people wandering the park in Beverly Hills (not-so-subtle segue). Speaking of Beverly Hills, I have once again been judged into the Beverly Hills Affaire in the Gardens Art Show. And yet again, I cannot figure out why they keep judging me back into the show, but they did it again. Nice people. I am working on a formal email notification that, based on my recent efficiency, should come out no later than two days after the show.
Posted May 12, 2011
sold • private collection altadena, ca


  1. You've done it again! Love it!

  2. You've put real life into this piece - this pencil sharpener has personality ....and a cool name.


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