Blue High Top

16"x20" oil on canvas. You go into a painting like this not knowing, and not knowing is a great place to be. Not knowing what will happen on the journey and not knowing what the outcome will be. If you knew, what would be the point? These paintings have a life of their own. In process, they are in flux the entire time—moving back and forth, building, destroying, changing, destroying (oh yeah, destruction is fun!), recreating, eat lunch then repeat, replacing the lunch part with dinner, midnight snack, etc. Changing the subject... Over the course of the last couple of weeks I have made somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 frames for my paintings. Some for the show this weekend, some for I do not know what. I think this qualifies me for my official "Wood Butcher" merit badge. Sorry about the rambling, must be all the sawdust I inhaled. Anyway, this is my last post for the week. If you happen to find yourself in Beverly Hills this weekend, drop by and say hello (see info below).

Beverly Hills Affaire
in the Gardens Art Show

Raymond Logan working on his tan in space #137 This Saturday & Sunday, May 21st & 22nd 10am to 6pm both days

Posted May 19, 2011
sold • private collection century city, ca


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