Poppies in Vase

6"x4" oil on raymar panel. I was in a mood for a throw down and these poppies magically appeared in my studio. I'm serious. There was nothing there, I turned away, then turned back and WHAM! they appeared. The Spousal Unit had snuck them in when I was in one of my usual paint fume induced stupors. They are from our garden and on a gloomy day She mysteriously forced them to open. Due to the complexity of flowers, they make for great throw down subjects. Throw 'em down and paint 'em. Well, I couldn't really throw them down, I would break the vase, but you get the idea. As usual, after I paint flowers I highly recommend you check out the too thin book, "The Last Flowers of Manet." I must warn you painters out there, the book contains images that might just make your head explode—Manet rocked until the end.

Posted February 16, 2011
sold • private collection south pasadena, ca


  1. I totally enjoyed reading your post and what fabulous work. You have wonderful paint application...exciting and yummy.


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