Low Chuck

4"x6" oil on raymar panel. The nickname for these shoes is "Chucks" because they are called Chuck Taylor All Stars (we used to just call them gym shoes). They come in low cuts like these (Low Chucks), or in the popular high tops (Up Chucks?). Anyway... After this painting was completed a mysterious women sauntered into my studio and declared that this painting was all about light. When I asked what she meant, she just blithely smiled and sauntered back out of the studio. Not until later did I notice that she had sauntered out with my Peanut M&Ms. Even though she pilfered my candy, I must admit that she was right about the lighting. I really made an effort to have the light rake over the surface of the shoe, instead of flooding over it. The low light from the side reveals the topography of the shoe in a subtle manner that I find more interesting. Enough art talk! I must now go and try to steal back my Peanut M&Ms – I have low expectations.
Posted February 4, 2011
sold • private collection garland, tx


  1. Raymond,
    I find your commentary irresistable! Also, I like this painting!!

  2. Great painting! The woman is right, it is about light, as well as a great shoe.

  3. hey Raymond,

    I know email is more personal than blog comments, but having made that disclaimer, I'm glad you've started allowing comments here. I've spent about half an hour catching up here on your blog. It's hilarious. You should write a comedy novel or something. Seriously.

    Yep, you made a brilliant decision with the light here.

  4. low chucks, up chucks... i'm giving you a sad horn for that one

    wah wahhh


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