The Obligatory Baseball

6"x4" oil on raymar panel. We move from glassware to leather. Calm down, it's just a baseball. Why call it "The Obligatory Baseball?" Well, buried deep somewhere in the bylaws, it states that we are all to paint certain subjects. I call these subjects "obligatory" and being the snot that I am, I usually ignore the bylaws. But, I had the itch to paint, and there it was, just sitting there waiting for somebody to step on it and break their neck. Since that somebody would probably have been me, I picked it up and spirited it away to the studio. The skin was fun to paint—with all of its glorious whites, it kinda reminded me of a skull. Never pass up an opportunity to paint a skull, they are wonderful things, even if their name isn't Yorick. I have already made up my mind, so there is no use in trying to dissuade me. Starting sometime later this week, I am going to take a break from posting. A week, maybe two. Understand that not posting and not painting are two completely different things. I do not think I could go that long without painting. A long period of deprivation would probably bring on the shakes and I might start kicking the dog. That would really complicate things, considering the fact that we do not have a dog.
Posted December 21, 2010
sold • private collection balboa island, ca

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  1. So simple yet so dramatic. Fabulous detail and highlights on the ball and love the red in the foreground.


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