Cranberry Juice Cocktail

6"x4" oil on raymar panel. Now I know what to do if I want to receive a heck of a lot of commentaries. Just use the phrase, "I haven't the faintest idea." That is what I did in my last com
mentary and wow, a lot of people wrote to me either about liquid bluing or, even more specifically, the venerable Mrs. Stewart and her liquid bluing. Did you know that this woman has been making her liquid bluing since 1883? She also had the foresight to make it non-toxic and biodegradable. She has even figured out that you can use it to "... make a salt crystal garden, whiten dingy hair on a pet, reduce algae growth in bird baths, fish ponds and fountains, ease the pain of an ant bite or bee sting, and much more..." What a remarkable product and what a remarkably old woman. Below, I have attached a 1972 picture of her from the bottle I have and a present day picture of her recently taken at a company picnic. Not bad for a 127 year old woman!
Posted December 15, 2010
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